Over the summer of 2014-15, Anchor Milk launched a new competition initiative – New Zealand’s Best Milkshake Comptition. Open to cafés and diary around the country, where the winner was chosen by public vote (by text message) the competition required materials for a sign-up pack and a host of compelling point of sale materials for publicising the competition.

Below the Line was tasked with the job, and alongside the Creative director, I was the chief designer who conceptualised the logo and print materials. Within the sign-up pack, there was a gate-fold diet trade presenter, sign-up form and terms and conditions sheet, as well as loyalty stamp cards.

The competition point of sale suite included 3 types of poster, a wobbler design, a diecut shelf shouter, a diecut table talker with inserted straw. This was supported by a full website and social media campaign (Graphics were supplied for this, but the online aspect was handled externally).