The Shed

The Shed Promotional Design

The Shed is a weekly gather for the Mens Ministry at The Street City Church. Every Saturday morning, groups of men would meet to share breakfast and their lives. It is designed to be a workshop for men’s souls. The Shed required a design that would appeal to Kiwi blokes that was not too fussy,…

Cyberhub Logo

CyberHub Identity

CyberHub provides high quality IT services for businesses around New Zealand. Established in 2009, a logo was required that reflected the name and services supplied. The design is intended to show that even though there are a wide variety of services supplied by CyberHub, they are connected to the central needs of the client. The…

Birth Journey Midwifery Identity

Birth Journey is a small midwifery practice based in Christchurch. When the practice began, a new logo and corporate stationary was required, alongside a brochure to advertise their practice to expectant mothers. Contemplating the logo design, it was felt that something clear and sensitive would best suit, as it would often be stacked with competitors…

Birth Journey Brochure

Birth Journey Midwifery practice required a brochure to advertise their services and details. This was to be placed in hospital waiting rooms, Plunket rooms and other places where expectant mothers would frequent.

Birth Journey Brochure

The Street City Church: Lives of Kings Series

The Street: Lives of Kings Series

The Street City Church devised a series, called ‘Lives of Kings’, based on the biblical book of 2 Chronicles. The whole church studied this topic through a series of sermons, in small group studies and in individual readings. All church members were encouraged to study and learn together. Within this brief an identifying logotype needed…

Octane Deep Conference

Deep: Octane Mens Conference 2009

The Street City Church’s Men’s Ministry runs an annual conference for men under the ‘Octane’ title (which is principally the team running the event). Every year a new conference takes a new name, which takes the priority in the promotion. Usually the design is strongly graphic, in a way that appeals to men, and tries…