Apolon Property Services was set up as a response to the renovation requirements in the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes – but it sought to be more…

The property business began with the idea of offering renovations, particularly to Christchurch residents affected by the 2011 earthquakes. However within the scope of the long term plans, the company also looked to add commercial and residential decoration and development for interior and exterior spaces to its portfolio. The brand therefore needed to be able to retain its meaning regardless of what service was being offered to the client – the company dealt in improving peoples spaces.

This was carefully considered, and a stylistic cube was developed with a letter-mark that reflected the spatial care offered by the company. This cube could then be expanded into a repeating pattern for use across brand elements. The brand elements were later conceptually developed into a full corporate identity, including vehicle signage – as the company largest brand asset.

Apolon-Logo-RationaleApolon-Logo1Apolon-Logo2Apolon-Logo3 Apolon-StationaryApolon-Vans-Flat-ArtApolon-Van-1Apolon-Van-2