GBC Winstone was formed as the enveloping brand to oversee sales and bring added marketing impetus for Golden Bay Cement and Winstone Aggregates as well as the newly formed Winstone Transport.

BTL was approached to devise the new parent brand. Client expectations were that the logo would reflect the fact that all these companies were locally owned New Zealand businesses, and that the logo would reflect not just a visual similarity, but the GBC Winstone values of family, friendly and intimate connections both internally and externally.

Identifying a key way of creating this familial relationship was key. The one common visual theme existing latently within all 3 brand logos was the diamond. It was the common language all three shared, and therefore needed to be reflected in the envelope brand. The ‘diamond connection’ fit, and linked, but also offered consistency and the perfect connection from the parent company to its respective brands. From this I was able to draw New Zealand elements in, though a literal integration into the diamond, and also through identifying key colours of New Zealand and drawing these into the palette.

After the clients enthusiastic buy in, we were able to move to wider brand development, bringing the logo into corporate stationary, presentation documents and templates, and company diaries. Further concepts were proposed, which are still pending.

Logo DevelopmentLogo-Rationale1Logo-Rationale2Logo-Rationale4Logo-Rationale3Logo-Rationale3ALogo-Rationale5Logo-Rationale6Logo-Rationale7

Corporate Identity items

Vision and Values BookletGBCW-Vision-Values-Booklet-CvrGBCW-Vision-Values-Booklet-Spread-1GBCW-Vision-Values-Booklet-Spread-2


Powerpoint Presentation TemplateGBC-PPT-MockupSamples

Staff & Contractor DiariesGBCW-Diary-Spread1GBCW-Diary-Spread2

Website page – Linking to 3 primary sub-brand sites

Proposed other items (Apparel, Vehicle Signage)GBC-Proposed-HelmetGBC-Proposed-CarGBC-Proposed-Workers