Plan A – Why you lost your dream and how to get it back – the rediscovery of passion and the dream chasing life.

Too many of us have settled for a safer, more secure and unambitious path for our vocations, careers, and lives. We have opted for a ‘Plan B’. Brook Turner – social entrepreneur and founder of Zeal, a organisation inspiring creativity for youth in New Zealand, challenges us to recall the dreams we had as children about what we hoped to be, and inspires readers to rediscover their amazing journey of life – their ‘Plan A’.

The book design was the successful and fruitful collaboration between author Brook Turner, Illustrator Kieran Rynhart and myself. The design worked to incorporate Brooks insights and Ryan’s illustrations together in a way that ensured an easy reading experience for all.

I selected a special font that had been developed for its legibility and ease of reading for those who found reading a challenge. This was used in a layout that sought to keep the copy well spaced, creating pages that felt light and easy, rather than compact and weighty. As a bridge between the layout and the illustrations, a title font was created from Kieran’s handwriting, thereby joining the two elements and helping to avoid a contrast between the images and words. Also carefully considered was sectional breaks, pull-out quotes and interactive spaces within the book.

The final result was one that satisfied a beautifully designed book with ease of reading – and giving Brook’s insights a place to help readers change their lives.

PlanA-Image-1 PlanA-Image-2PlanA-Image-5Plan-AClose-Up-1PlanA-Image-4 Plan-AClose-Up-2PlanA-Image-6

Special Font Design